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by Azmiri Sultana Mridul on Friday, September 14, 2012 at 9:11pm ·

Perfection is Over-Rated...there is always this huge explanation, an entourage of hard workers, and series of loopholes which in the end gives rise to perfection. Nothing just randomly happens and ends up being PERFECT!


Look at all the perfect faces in the entertainment world, when they are on your silver screen, the outlook makes you NOT wanna BE LIKE them but BE THEM, or makes you hurt yourself because you deem yourself much much lesser than what they seem, which is correct in the sense that what they seem isn't true in itself. It is the work of a "look-creating" team, and then the editing team who works their magic on screen, and the manual team working on creating the perfection mixture of light and dark. And finally its also some tricks your mind plays on you. In a gist, it is actually THE LARGER THAN LIFE, and THOU IS ABOVE ALL image that EVERYONE secretly craves and which is kinda portrayed on those screens embodied by these actors/actresses is what makes them.... PERFECT.


Then comes the works of art.. they are perfect...each and everyone in their own way. No one is superior than the other. And then everyone might have some imperfection/s, depends on the eye of the beholder. I guess we should take notes from the works of arts in life. Perfection is when you're true to who you are. Perfection is you in your own way.

I am not saying that this means that you should stop grooming or beautifying yourself, stop taking care of yourself and your physical beauty. YOU SHOULD .. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO THESE AND CONTINUE because taking care of yourself and grooming yourself is hygiene and loving yourself as well, its a part of appreciating the gifts and aspects you were born with.


In the end, all that is important is appreciating and taking care of yourself and being WHO YOU TRULY are and not becoming someone else, cause you were BORN THIS WAY HONEY ;-)