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by Azmiri Sultana Mridul on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 9:46pm ·


It  is a will, an energy that comes to you gradually, you don’t in a moment of blazing epiphany, become strong. Or you go through stuff and BAM! You’re strong! ... No.

Strength is a class, a training...it something that you learn and experience and embody slowly and surely EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of your life. If one wants to be truly strong, they have to be meticulous about life and their choices. You get strong everyday by how you lead your life; you get stronger every day by the choices you make. The choices which makes you weak, hurts you, wrenches you gut, squeezes your heart and other horrible stuff… but you become strong when beyond ALL of this, beyond EVERYTHING, every time you fall flat on your face and is all bloody, lacerated and injured… you still get up, stand up and keep at it…you move on, you keep going NO MATTER WHAT. You say “Is that ALL you got”... You say “I will NOT quit... I WILL NOT GIVE UP!”

Strength is keep going, keep fighting, strength is believing and working and being passionate about the thing that that you have or love, not being scared or flaky and having the faith that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS AND HOW MUCH TIME PASSES, I’ll succeed .. Strength means having determination, faith and devotion.

Strength is what is projected by fictional characters like Katniss Everdeen, Elena Gilbert, Buffy Summers, Dr. Temperance Brennan, Agent Dana Scully, Detective Kate Beckett, Hermione Granger..etc


People can do EVERYTHING right, plan a future, work on it, and almost have it by the hairs, only to have it snatched away at the EXACT moment when they think everything is falling in its place..


Someone who has LOST everything and has no hope left can, one day have an opportunity that turns out to be the ultimate game changer.


At the end of the day...  a person NEEDS to have the power to SUCK IT UP, GET UP, BACK UP and KEEP AT IT, every time one falls or hindered by circumstances.