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Story of a little girl.

A/N: These ideas have been swirling around my head for quite some time now. I plan on them, I visualize but never write them down. Not on paper, or on my E-journal. I sometimes dream about them, but nowadays the "Little Girl" has been practically pushing me to write out her story, so that other stuff can fit in my head.

I know, I never write anything good, other than my emo babble... which borders around episodes of TVD, and others that is out of scope of normal human mind, because like me, they are weird and crazy. And I am a 110% positive that THIS what I .. .Azmiri Sultana Mridul... am writing today.. and will In Shaa Allah be writing in future, is crappy loads of crap too.
But then, I have to write, it is not only my form of catharsis, but its something that I do ONLY for myself. It gives me happiness. I write and I get up of my seat happy. NO MATTER HOW IDIOTIC and DESPICABLE or "Whaaaaaat" my writing is.
I am NO WRITER, so it is only fair that my writing will suck. I am NEVER competing with anyone in regards to this, because how can you? regarding something that you do TRULY for the purpose of your own relief. 
I don't mind others reading it.

So, here goes my first attempt at writing something creative after almost 7 years. Last I used to do creative writing, it was for my O Levels English. And then I stopped. But "Little Girl", pushed me into it again. :P

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